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Hey Grandpa, wanna go clubbing this weekend in Vegas?
Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Let’s face it, we don’t talk the same way to a 25-year old as we do to a 70 year old in real life, so why do so many companies do it in their marketing?

The number one reason most marketing campaigns fail is because they segment customers by demographics. Have you ever purchased media by the demo age 25-54 or 50 plus? Both of these demos consist of three distinct generations who like different products and services and who are motivated to purchase for very different reasons.

By utilizing our process-patented Genergraphics® research software, we are able to provide a generational breakdown of your customer database as well as an analysis of your overall target markets. This process yields a solid plan of action by defining who your market is, how best to reach them, and how to craft a message specifically designed to increase conversions for each specific generation.

Genergraphics®, the study of generations, their mindsets, and the influence they have on each other, is the only company that can effectively target generational mindsets. Our company has a solid foundation with twenty years of case studies showing that Genergraphics research and "research mining" accomplished very specific goals for Fortune 500 companies such as Ford Motor Company, Fox Television and USA Today.

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Genergraphically correct in your marketing program in reaching the
generations you need for your company.

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