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Seasonal Radio Campaigns and Social Media
For the Hospitality Industry
Genergraphics' has developed media programs for our clients that combine the power of radio in reaching the Boomer and Gen X markets with the far reaching benefits of social media. the following is an example of a recommended program for the Hospitality industry.

1.  One week prior to the start of a radio campaign, post the radio offer on your
website. Also send an E-blast to previous guests, informing them of the radio offer.

2.  At the same time post two generational messages (One message is specifically
targeted for Boomers and the other is specific to Gen-X) on all of your social
network pages, encouraging them to listen for your special offer on their favorite
radio stations in the markets you are advertising in.

3.  When you aim your messages to the Boomer and Gen-X mindsets, you will
enhance your chances of gaining more of each of these generations as fans for
your property. The reason you should gain more exposure on your social networks
is that you would only advertise on Boomer and Gen-X radio stations.

4.  Genergraphics, Inc. will help write the copy for the social media messages to
assure that you are reaching the mindset of each generation separately.

5.  For the duration of the radio campaign the messages will need reposting to
keep them "at the top" of your network page.

6.  Once the radio campaign is complete, new messages are posted to generate
fan response. This should continue regularly until the special offer expires.

7.  Social networks were created for friends and family, it will give your Boomer
and Gen-x fans something extra to talk about if they heard your offer on the radio;
especially true if they stayed at your property.

8.  Social media combined with your radio campaign will help expand your
exposure in your key feeder markets.

9.  As an example, if you run a four week schedule in any of your feeder
markets, then at least two of the top rated Boomer and Gen-X radio stations would
run a promotion following that 4 week schedule featuring your social networks, at
no additional cost to your property. This combination would help carry your
exposure in each of your markets until your offer expires.

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