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Generation Miner takes the generations seriously. It recognizes that members of each generation share unique life experiences that shape their values and behavior -- experiences that make them act, think, and spend their money differently than members of previous generations at the same age. It also recognizes the considerable diversity within each of the generations. While the major themes and concerns may be similar among all members of a generation, there are important market segments within each of the generations that behave and spend in very different ways. Generation Miner captures both the similarities and the differences. How does it do this?
Generation Miner is based on Genergraphics® and behavior rather than demographics.

• It uses the expressed attitudes, values, and self-images of each generation to characterize their needs and viewpoints toward products and services. It uses their actual purchase behavior to relate those views to the products and services that they consume. It recognizes that neighborhood or family demographics can give only cursory insights into what drives consumer behavior.

Generation Miner uses multiple methods to capture differences between the generations and their subgroups. These include:

• The proprietary GenMiner© measurement instrument -- a survey based tool that allows you to position your product to appeal to each generation. It uncovers how the generations see themselves, each other, and the attributes of your product compared to those of your competitors.

• GenMiner Clusters© -- a segmentation system based on actual purchase behavior. It identifies subgroups of each generation that tend to purchase similar market baskets of goods and services.

• Data mining and potential scoring. We use your customer database, enhance it with our other products, and produce product potential models for the generational groups you want to target.

• Response analysis and database indexing.

• On-line analytical (OLAP) tools that allow you to use our products on an ongoing basis for your adhoc analytical needs.

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